family education

parent's problem

Parents is the decision maker, they have important role to externally decide their children improvements. This matter need to be supported by great monitoring to discover their children potential and talent.

student's problem

Students often forget to write their subject schedule and didn't know if there is agenda from school because they're lack of information. More than that if student absent because of illness, they will miss out the subject lesson on that day. Lack of information is the core problem from student's problem that need to be solved.

school's problem

Teacher's role as a mentor in school is essential in student improvements. Teacher's problem is more related to their time. Their duties to teach student, check attendance, make question for exercise and test, create syllabus, and determine student class consume most of their time in school. Other than that, teacher must pay attention to every single student to watch their improvements, talent, and problems that makes them can't catch up to the lesson. Because of the limited time, teacher find it hard to communicate with the student's parents.

Khronos Education System Features

Features that available on KES
fitur parent connection

parent connection

Connecting parents to teacher and discuss about their children's learning activities and improvements

fitur gradebook

gradebook graphic

Online monitoring system to watch student development in every subject

fitur student connection

student connection

Connecting students to their teacher and discuss about problems that they experienced when do learning acitivities

fitur subject management

subject management

Make it easier to manage subject and syllabus in every semester

fitur student transfer history

student transfer history

Provide data analysis for students that transferred to another school

fitur real time notification

real-time notification

Give real-time notification to the users

fitur sheduling


Provide information about the schedule in school

fitur timetable


Provide information about student schedule in school

fitur attendance


Provide information about student attendance in school

handphone kes point of interest

Access our system from various devices

You can easily access Khronos Education System application through your mobile phone anywhere and anytime
Easy to use

Deliver best user interface and user experience to our users

Real time notification

Give real-time notification to the users if there is a change or update in learning activities

Compatible with IOS and Android system

Khronos Education System can be accessed from mobile devices like IOS and Android

Modern look

Provide attractive and interactive user interface to make it easier for user to use Khronos Education System application

cloud computing

KES use cloud computing technology as data center so there is no need to install physical server to store your school's data, It'ss also easier to access the system because you can access it from anywhere and anytime

Best Security

KES application supported with great and realible security services

Intergration System

Connecting parents, teacher, and students in KES application. All data is integrated and can be accessed in 1 same platform